RE/MAX Brings You Closer towards top Realtors in India

RE/MAX India has been making every effort to bring structure into India’s neonate real estate sector. In lieu of the same, our company has taken up a number of measures to promote real estate brokerage as an entrepreneurial opportunity among youngsters. Currently, RE/MAX is present in over 35 cities across India and has also setup over 100 offices in the nation. Besides, our company has also brought investors and aspiring real estate agents close to the crème de la crème realtors in India.

Keeping the above pointers in mind, we have set up a number of real estate portals for the benefit of real estate agents and investors. Moreover, we also have Real Estate Brokerage Training Academy for aspiring agents; we have also earned lots of accolades for our consistent performance in the Asia-Pacific region. Basically our aim is to position RE/MAX India as the market leader in India’s real estate sector and present it as a trustworthy brand.

Lastly, the company’s established brand name and image has led to extensive national advertising on hundreds of real estate websites, and worldwide sponsorships; so the collective power of marketing by thousands of Affiliates has converted us into one of the highly respected and best-known names in the world. Additionally, many entrepreneur magazines have ranked RE/MAX as the real estate industry’s best franchise. So at RE/MAX, you will for sure find an extensive list of top Indian realtors; no wonder buyers and sellers flock to RE/MAX.

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