RE/MAX India 2013 Internet Marketing

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RE/MAX India 2013 Internet Marketing from RE/MAX India

” title=”RE/MAX India 2013 Internet Marketing”>RE/MAX India 2013 Internet Marketing

Presentation by Gil Liran, VP Marketing, RE/MAX Israel. at The 4th RE/MAX Realty Rendezvous in Goa, India 2013

Do The Dream – Sam Chopra, Chairman RE/MAX India

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Do The Dream – Sam Chopra from RE/MAX India

” title=”Do The Dream – Sam Chopra, Chairman RE/MAX India”>Do The Dream – Sam Chopra, Chairman RE/MAX India

Instead of sitting and desiring – Do the Dream BUT before that Dare to Dream !!!

Presentation on Leadership

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Presentation on Leadership – saloni chopra from RE/MAX India

” title=”Presentation on Leadership”>Presentation on Leadership

Presentation on Leadership – Saloni Chopra, Vice-President RE/MAX India @ RRR4 Goa

Why Stockbrokers are aspiring to become Realtors

In the previous article we compared the product for which we provide services. In this article we will be comparing the role of a stockbroker v/s the role of a real estate broker.

Stock Broking

Real Estate Broking

No local knowledge necessary

Local knowledge very much important

Exchange is your network

You require the network to be built

Low commission per transaction

High commission per deal


As a stockbroker one needs to be aware of national and global trends, one has a standard place which functions a common network for all brokers but on the other hand commissions per deal are very low. Thus though the broker enjoys the benefits of an organised network his per deal earnings are very low.

As a real estate broker your local knowledge plays a very important role as it differentiates you from other brokers, you build your own network and there is no limit to the network you can build as you can tap into networks across the world. The most crucial thing for a stockbroker is the earning per deal. His commissions are monetarily higher per deal.

Both are broking and both have their own points of differentiation. What can be a boon in your area may also turn out to be a bane as it might limit you. It is a decision that you make whether you want to work for an organized sector which gives negligible return per deal or you want to work for a growing sector where the returns per deal are soaring.


RE/MAX India Affiliates at the 4th RE/MAX Realty Rendezvous in Goa

RE/MAX India takes pride in informing that the 4th RE/MAX Realty Rendezvous, 2013 was organized successfully in GOA! Three days of pure excitement during the Event was summed up in a glittering awards night ceremony in Majorda Beach Resort, Goa. Many high-profile Real Estate professionals graced the occasion and the event was well received by the industry and public alike. The gathering of RE/MAX Regional Owners, Brokers Owners, Broker Associates, International Consultants & Professionals made the city, GOA, more beautiful.

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