Why Are Realtors Aiming at Real Estate as a Top Franchise Business in India?

Real estate companies in India have currently been offering a wide variety of real estate business franchises to run. No wonder realtors are flocking to real estate as a top franchise business. After all this is the only form of enterprise that guarantees great returns on investment or ROI. Some of the best real estate business houses are the best franchises to help in the actual growth and development of the real estate sphere in India.


Here are a few reasons why realtors have been aiming at some of the top real estate companies as a top franchise business in India:

  • Most of these companies do not incur any royalty or advertising fees upon the owner of the brand in a certain area.
  • Some companies also have awesome infrastructure and well protected office territories.
  • They have ready to use and complete business building technologies that are apt solutions for business houses.
  • These real estate giants also offer new and relevant training to all the agents who will become future employees at the franchise centre; these might even include trainings for agents and managers.
  • By associating with an established brand one also gets to reap the benefits of positive customer feedback due to good customer satisfaction records in the past.
  • This business front is a great way to partner with the niche real estate companies in India. Such type of unspoilt business avenues is not present in any other business sector in India.
  • Agents and realtors get to set up innovative and large to small footprint office spaces that are apt places to conduct meetings with clients.
  • Most important of all, this is a rapidly expanding, 100% commission based model. So the client and realtor as well as the real estate company get to reap the benefits out of such an alliance.

The best part is that Indian realtors and beginners, who want to set up an office of their own instead of working under a property owner’s office, involve with renowned real estate brands. Such brands guarantee a highly productive network of dedicated personnel and immediate aid in case of necessities. One such real estate biggie is Remax.in; the company is nearly 90,000 agents strong and has over 6,300 offices spread over 90 countries. In India alone the company is present in 40+ Cities with more than 400 affiliates; all of this is occurring in over a 100 offices.

An association with established real estate companies by realtors who aim at real estate as a top franchise business in India today entitles to also win over a number of business front related advantages. First of all, they award several types if regional and broker office franchises. Some brands also recruit full-time, top-performing real estate agents and train them for superior performance. Besides through such associations, a realtor also joins a group of top-performing real estate agents within the recruiting business. So ultimately the realtor is at the gainer’s end. He or she not only becomes self-employed but also enjoys an accelerated career growth in the real estate business. 

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