Things to consider while establishing a Real Estate Business in India

Indian real estate industry has seen exponential growth over the last few years. It has covered a considerable distance and come a long way in becoming the second-largest employment-generating segment in India after agriculture. Traditionally an unorganized sector, it has slowly evolved into an organized one and is fast becoming a recipient of foreign investments; for, real estate business is witnessing a level of saturation in many developed nations and as a result, many global giants are looking for opportunities in developing countries such as India.

Because of its growing popularity, real estate practitioners are using their entrepreneurial zeal towards establishing their own brokerage firms. So, in order to work towards establishing a successful career, it’s essential to start with extensive research, expert planning and constant follow-up. Here are some useful tips to take note of.

  1. Choosing the right business – One can start by owning an independent business but many choose to join a real estate franchise first in order to get the desired training and experience required to run a stand-alone business venture. Besides, working with an established brand name would only help establish more credibility with potential clients.
  1. Creating a sound business plan – A business plan must list out the objectives and financial calculations in clear terms to avoid error of judgment later. An exceptional business proposal will also positively affect in getting decent funding from financial institutions. 
  1. Finding a suitable location – Locating strategic neighbourhoods to open real estate business is a smart decision. It’s essential to know the markets that one wishes to cater to and accordingly select a suitable place which has an ease of accessibility for clients.
  1. Funding the business – It is imperative to work out the capital at the very onset of developing a business plan. Any aspiring real estate entrepreneur will have to figure out whether he/she has enough financial resources at hand or will more funds be required. Banks definitely can be approached for loans, but the source of trusted family and friends should also be explored.
  1. Designing a real estate website – Setting up of a professional real estate website is a key step in attracting clients. Not only will it help market your service/brand, but will also help attract more and more realty shoppers as their search often begins online.
  1. Advertising – There are many advertising channels to choose from – newspapers, real estate publications, television, radio, and social mediums. This aids in providing good publicity to a business. In addition, services of a search-engine optimization company can also be used to boost the visibility of a real estate website on search engines.

In India, there are a few challenges that the real estate industry faces such as unclear land titles, low presence of industry status, insufficiency of sources of finance, dearth of labour, and difficult procedural processes, to name a few. In spite of this, the industry is warming up to professional standards and functional transparency of systems. As stated earlier, India’s real estate industry is growing at a practically high pace. Therefore, investors wanting to invest in India will benefit from higher returns as compared to any other global market. With this, the real estate industry will soon mature into a well-managed segment and entrepreneurial opportunities will only get bigger and better.

Tips for Buying Property in India

With swift infrastructure development and growing residential complexes, properties in India are selling like hotcakes. Check out our tips for buying property in this country. 

Whether you are thinking of buying a commercial or a residential property in India, make sure that you follow a few of these tips to get the best rates and services-

Planning and research

Consider this- Do you want a property for long term basis? Do you wish to rent it or sell it after a few months or years? Before you go ahead and invest, make sure that you answer to these questions. Take in consideration the reason for your purchase and the kind of area you would want for the property. Locations, including metropolitan cities, suburban areas can be great for residential properties, while commercial property in Gurgaon, Faridabad, Gandhinagar, Greater Mumbai and Pune are selling like hotcakes.

Search a Franchise

Having a costly property dealer won’t do you any benefit, particularly because they have a limited range of options to choose from. This is where searching a franchise on internet can be helpful. Check out franchises that have a vast range of cities and locations included in their search list. Choose a real estate company that deals with both commercial and residential properties. This will help you select between wider options.


What may appear affordable to you might be costly for others and vice-versa. Therefore, before you go ahead and think about buying a property in India, make sure that you have a clear idea about your affordability. Market status of the property should also be taken into consideration. So, decide beforehand about whether you want a new construction, used, re-built or coming soon property.

Check legal documents

On a number of occasions, real estate companies can make you a fool by offering things that they don’t have. So, make sure that you check all legal documents from the seller. If you can’t do that, pay a lawyer to help you. Check whether the building is registered and its layout is approved by the government. Also, in case of a second hand or used property, check that there aren’t any outstanding liabilities or mortgage on the property,

House Inspection

Never ever buy a commercial or residential property without inspecting it on your own. Don’t hurry to make the payment, rather visit the site at least two times so that you don’t miss out any underlying issues. Make sure that the facilities like electricity, water, parking, location and safety are all taken care of.

Get an apartment

If you want a residential property in metropolitan cities like Gurgaon, prefer for an apartment. It not just guarantees you safety, but also ensures that you have a choice between single, double or three and even four bedroom homes. This way if you like a particular building, you can choose it and customize it in accordance to your requirements. Plus, issues like electricity and water woes are less prevalent in apartment culture.

Follow these tips and you can also have a property of your dreams. 

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