Tips for Real Estate Investors

Investment in Real Estate is one big opportunity for an individual who is looking at the bigger financial future and long term returns. It is one decision, if taken wisely has the capacity to multiply your wealth and I feel that good investment tips can be very helpful in making that right decision. Not only does it increases your chances of success in any Real Estate investment that you make, but also helps you to divert your valuable time and money in the right direction.

Real Estate as a matter of fact requires a lot of patience as it will surely get you rich but like any other business it might not give you immediate returns. It is one of the biggest business opportunities for an individual and it can open up multiple avenues for making more money if one makes a smart decision. But for that, one has to analyze and understand all the possibilities and risks involved in the business and more importantly, he/she has to be prepared to take that kind of risk. We always want to add Read Estate to the investments that we are making but first and foremost you need to plan the financial part of this investment very wisely. It may require a lot of initial funding and a regular cash inflow to protect yourself from getting stuck at a later stage. It is just about that risk taking appetite and a strategic planning that can make you multiply your investment.

One thing that I have learnt from my personal experience in Real Estate is that in order to achieve what you expect, you need to have a long –term vision and do things in a very organized manner. It is a very complicated business venture and to be effective in this field a lot of in depth knowledge and a good market research is required to make best from this opportunity.

Looking at all the pros and cons of the business, a good Realtor can be of a great help in terms of giving an expert advice and getting the right things done for you. It will not only save your time and money but will also make your investment worth it. Just for an example, we at RE/MAX train all our Associates on all the aspects starting from the basic documentation to the legal aspects a Real Estate transaction. The experience and the knowledge that a trained realtor carries makes the transaction a soothing experience for the investor.

Real Estate is a game of networking. The more you network, the more opportunities you create for yourself in the market. A smart investor will always be well aware of the best and the worst investments available in the market and this learning comes with experience.  I feel that a network that can connect you to not only national but international Real Estate markets would be an added advantage that can make an investor go global instead of just being local.

In a nutshell, I feel that first of all an investor should identify his investment horizon, whether he wants to invest for a short- term or long- term and the kind of Real Estate they would like to invest in. A comparative analysis of the market trend/rates versus the opportunities available can help them figure out what will bring the best ROI. Last but not the least, before anything one should understand the plans of the government for that particular market as that is one of the most crucial factors to decide the success of the investment.

Real Estate as a business itself has multiple angles and there is always a right and the wrong way of doing this business. As beginners, everybody makes a lot’s of mistakes as first of all we are sometimes not clear of what we are getting into and secondly we sometimes avoid following the systems. As soon as we invest our money somewhere, it’s a general human tendency that we start thinking that when will we get rich. Real Estate is very appealing but it demands a lot investment in terms of time to take the right decision at the right time. For beginners, a good mentor can help you with an expertise that can save you from a lot of traps into which investors often tend to fall.

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Why Stockbrokers are aspiring to become Realtors

In the previous article we compared the product for which we provide services. In this article we will be comparing the role of a stockbroker v/s the role of a real estate broker.

Stock Broking

Real Estate Broking

No local knowledge necessary

Local knowledge very much important

Exchange is your network

You require the network to be built

Low commission per transaction

High commission per deal


As a stockbroker one needs to be aware of national and global trends, one has a standard place which functions a common network for all brokers but on the other hand commissions per deal are very low. Thus though the broker enjoys the benefits of an organised network his per deal earnings are very low.

As a real estate broker your local knowledge plays a very important role as it differentiates you from other brokers, you build your own network and there is no limit to the network you can build as you can tap into networks across the world. The most crucial thing for a stockbroker is the earning per deal. His commissions are monetarily higher per deal.

Both are broking and both have their own points of differentiation. What can be a boon in your area may also turn out to be a bane as it might limit you. It is a decision that you make whether you want to work for an organized sector which gives negligible return per deal or you want to work for a growing sector where the returns per deal are soaring.


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RE/MAX R4- International Regional Owners Business Meeting

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