Why Are Realtors Aiming at Real Estate as a Top Franchise Business in India?

Real estate companies in India have currently been offering a wide variety of real estate business franchises to run. No wonder realtors are flocking to real estate as a top franchise business. After all this is the only form of enterprise that guarantees great returns on investment or ROI. Some of the best real estate business houses are the best franchises to help in the actual growth and development of the real estate sphere in India.


Here are a few reasons why realtors have been aiming at some of the top real estate companies as a top franchise business in India:

  • Most of these companies do not incur any royalty or advertising fees upon the owner of the brand in a certain area.
  • Some companies also have awesome infrastructure and well protected office territories.
  • They have ready to use and complete business building technologies that are apt solutions for business houses.
  • These real estate giants also offer new and relevant training to all the agents who will become future employees at the franchise centre; these might even include trainings for agents and managers.
  • By associating with an established brand one also gets to reap the benefits of positive customer feedback due to good customer satisfaction records in the past.
  • This business front is a great way to partner with the niche real estate companies in India. Such type of unspoilt business avenues is not present in any other business sector in India.
  • Agents and realtors get to set up innovative and large to small footprint office spaces that are apt places to conduct meetings with clients.
  • Most important of all, this is a rapidly expanding, 100% commission based model. So the client and realtor as well as the real estate company get to reap the benefits out of such an alliance.

The best part is that Indian realtors and beginners, who want to set up an office of their own instead of working under a property owner’s office, involve with renowned real estate brands. Such brands guarantee a highly productive network of dedicated personnel and immediate aid in case of necessities. One such real estate biggie is Remax.in; the company is nearly 90,000 agents strong and has over 6,300 offices spread over 90 countries. In India alone the company is present in 40+ Cities with more than 400 affiliates; all of this is occurring in over a 100 offices.

An association with established real estate companies by realtors who aim at real estate as a top franchise business in India today entitles to also win over a number of business front related advantages. First of all, they award several types if regional and broker office franchises. Some brands also recruit full-time, top-performing real estate agents and train them for superior performance. Besides through such associations, a realtor also joins a group of top-performing real estate agents within the recruiting business. So ultimately the realtor is at the gainer’s end. He or she not only becomes self-employed but also enjoys an accelerated career growth in the real estate business. 


RE/MAX Matrix “Most Innovative Broker Office – West India and “Young Achiever” Awards at the 6th Estate Awards 2013

New Delhi:  The 6th Estate Awards 2013, West India Edition, awarded RE/MAX Matrix (Mumbai) as the“Most innovative Broker Office- West India” and “Young Achiever” Award.

The Estate awards, India’s premium forum for the exchange of ideas and information about the real estate deliberated on how to capitalize this growth. This conference attracted real estate professionals from various industry sectors such as finance, construction& development, brokerage & agency, law and appraisal and it gave them an opportunity to discuss the future of real estate, to share their expertise, and enables greater networking to strengthen professional relationships.

RE/MAX Matrix (MUMBAI), a Broker Office Franchise of RE/MAX India which is a part of the World’s largest Real Estate Brokerage network called RE/MAX has received accolades for being the “Most Innovative Broker Office – West India”.   Ms. Manisha Mehta, regional Co- owner with Ms. Shreya Modi, RE/MAX Matrix received the “Young Achiever” Awards at The 6th Estate Awards 2013”.

 Being run by Women owners, Ms. Manisha Mehta, RE/MAX Matrix feels privileged to receive this award and said, “Shreya and I were a little apprehensive about stepping into the real estate industry. Having said that, we never thought of choosing real estate as our career but believed in breaking boundaries by entering into the “So-called” male dominated genre. We have put in our best efforts to change this notion and today everybody can see the results. This is a very unique feeling, we feel proud to be associated with such a huge brand. Hope we continue to deliver the best results to our clients.”

Mr. Sam Chopra, Chairman, RE/MAX India Franchise said, “I am overjoyed with their achievement as this gives me immense pleasure to see women entering this industry, an industry which is actually tailor made for women realtors. Manisha & Shreya have worked very hard and have proven their worth. It’s an absolute pleasure for us as a team to strive hard to excel and then receive accolades from the industry and people around”.

 About the RE/MAX Network

RE/MAX India, the 73rd country in the global network of RE/MAX International was an initiative of Mr. Samir Chopra to bring the best in the trade to the country. RE/MAX has been a successful phenomenon in around 98 countries and has played a pioneering role in organizing the unorganized Real Estate market in various countries.

RE/MAX, LLC is  based in Denver and led by its founders, Dave and Gail Liniger. The system is based on attracting productive agents and providing them with valuable support, incredible brand awareness, and educational opportunity and other competitive advantages. Today they have a worldwide presence in 98 countries with 90,000+ Agents and 6500+ offices. 

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RE/MAX Year to Date Franchise Sales

RE/MAX India congratulates Anmol Agarwal from RE/MAX Delhi NCR for topping the International Charts in Year to Date Franchise Sales…Keep up the great work Anmol, you have made us super proud:)

Real Estate: A Technology Trauma



Yes you read it right! Technology is the all-pervading presence in our lives including our very own real estate. The nearest our industry has come to technology is: flashing smart-phones and no it’s not because you use the smart-phone as a smart-phone. It is but a status symbol. I guess I am being too harsh. For the slightly more tech-savvy listing on a few “popular” portals and subscribing to a hundred different groups is what they do!

Yes my friend you did use technology-EUREKA! The real question is what did you GAIN out of it? The answer probably left you with what I call “Technology Trauma.”  It affects those who don’t understand this mammoth thus don’t use it or use it but don’t get the gains.


There is a lot to technology but here we will cover a few common ones. We shall have more posts taking in each aspect in detail. The problems:

  • Property websites: Lack of MLS system makes it difficult to check if the property is genuine. www.remax.in follows the MLS system which most of the other portals did not do.
  • Google Broker Groups: Number of Broker Groups available without a proper filter system. At Remax India, there is a huge network of Brokers and that too in your city. It covers almost all of the major cities in India.
  • Popularity on Search engines: Huge number of property websites with few genuine hits on each. Again you have an advantage with www.remax.in which could be easily searched through various search engines like Google and Bing.



So how do we solve this problem?

Property websites: Identify key websites which work for you and bring in genuine enquiries, www.remax.in is an ideal. Look at the latest updates and follow selected members of the site.

Google broker groups: Analyze whether the group will serve any purpose. What do you wish to gain from the group. On joining a group for the next few days monitor the activity on the group and decide whether to actively follow it. Broker groups available on Remax India site without a lot of search.

Save time and don’t list on every website you come across. Spend that time actually following quality. “White noise” is a problem of too much information and we need to identify the right sources to give and take information.

Keep a lookout for our post on using technology to plug lead leaks!





Expectations from a Real Estate Agent

RE/MAX Agents

Buyer expects the following things from a Real Estate Agent.
1. Choice: When a buyer goes into a real estate broker’s office – the single biggest thing that he expects is more inventory. He wants a choice of homes from which he can select which one is best suited to his needs, wants, concerns and requirements.

2. Agent’s Time: A buyer expects the agent to give more of his time to him since for him it is the single biggest transaction of his life. He expects the real estate agent to leave all work and focus on the transaction on hand.

3. Right Guidance: As a buyer, a person expects the Real Estate Agent to know far more about property & transaction than he himself and so he expects the right guidance to come from the buyer.

4. Saving of his time: The profile of today’s real estate buyer is changing. His decision making is fast and he expects things to move faster as he has become impatient. Looking into this, he expects the agent to do all the possible homework for him enabling him to do the transaction faster. 


Best Real Estate Consultancy Company – 2012

+RE/MAX India winner of “Best Real Estate Consultancy Company” Award for the year 2012 by Brands Academy at the NDTV Profit ASEAN-SAARC Real Estate Awards 

Best Real Estate Consultancy Company - 2012

RE/MAX is India’s Largest Real Estate Brokerage Network

Joining RE/MAX is a life altering decision. A decision that will change your life for good. You could become a Broker Associate, a Broker Owner or a Master Regional Franchise and become a premier member of the global Real Estate brokerage community.

BROKER ASSOCIATE • The backbone of the system and the face of RE/MAX in the market • He/she takes home the maximum major share of the profits and pays a nominal desk fee

BROKER OWNER: • Owns a Broker Office and incurs minimal operational cost • Recruits & Retains Broker Associates who form the sales team of the office • Charges desk fee from associates and also earns a substantial part of the commission • Earns profit on volumes: more the number of associates, more the profits

MASTER REGIONAL FRANCHISE: • RE/MAX has 37 regions in India • 22 are operational while 15 open for sale • A Regional Franchise owner also earns profits on volumes: more the number of Broker Offices and Broker Associates in his/her region, more the profits

LOOKING TO BUY/SELL A PROPERTY? BECOME A CUSTOMER If you are looking for a property in India, check it from Thousands of property listings on our website http://www.remax.in If you have a property to sell, you can get advised by our experienced brokers in your city. All you need to do is to search for a RE/MAX Agent near your locality from our website and contact him directly for your Real Estate needs.

RE/MAX – REAL ESTATE MAXIMUMS  Business with a difference. The unique RE/MAX organization structure is designed to make maximum profits reach those who deserve it the most. It is an inverted pyramid, in terms of money share, as opposed to a conventional pyramid of any business organization which essentially means that in a regular company 90% of the profits stay with the top brass whereas at RE/MAX it is exactly the opposite. Here, maximum income is retained at the Franchise-Broker level; only the balance 10% is passed on upwards in the hierarchy. It is the Broker Office and the agents working in it who will take home maximum commissions and profits.

* Type REMAX and send it to 53456 to join the India’s Largest Real Estate Brokerage Network.

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