StockBrokers aspiring to become Realtors

 With the current volatility in the economy on a global and domestic level we have seen the stock markets get hit. Stockbrokers have now started to look for alternatives to income generation. We shall have a series of articles on why stockbrokers are aspiring to become realtors or will aspire to.

The broker markets have seen a fall in average daily volumes to a nine month low in the wake of new tax rules for overseas investors. Prior to this the euro zone crisis had created havoc in the markets.

In an already difficult market another problem stockbroker’s face is today there is no differentiation between brokers and no unique value addition as organised broking has created a level field. Internet broking has further eaten into the independent broker’s market share.

On the other hand the real estate sector is still booming with potential. There is still scope for value addition unique to a broker. The competition by major organised players is barely a dent in the market. A stockbroker has already a network of clients who trust him which he can leverage. On comparing a person’s wealth invested in stocks and that invested in real estate we can see where the real bounty lies.

Stockbroking has reached a maturation point whereas real estate brokerage is entering the growth stage in terms of developing as an industry.


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