Expectations from a Real Estate Agent

RE/MAX Agents

Buyer expects the following things from a Real Estate Agent.
1. Choice: When a buyer goes into a real estate broker’s office – the single biggest thing that he expects is more inventory. He wants a choice of homes from which he can select which one is best suited to his needs, wants, concerns and requirements.

2. Agent’s Time: A buyer expects the agent to give more of his time to him since for him it is the single biggest transaction of his life. He expects the real estate agent to leave all work and focus on the transaction on hand.

3. Right Guidance: As a buyer, a person expects the Real Estate Agent to know far more about property & transaction than he himself and so he expects the right guidance to come from the buyer.

4. Saving of his time: The profile of today’s real estate buyer is changing. His decision making is fast and he expects things to move faster as he has become impatient. Looking into this, he expects the agent to do all the possible homework for him enabling him to do the transaction faster. 



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