RE/MAX is India’s Largest Real Estate Brokerage Network

Joining RE/MAX is a life altering decision. A decision that will change your life for good. You could become a Broker Associate, a Broker Owner or a Master Regional Franchise and become a premier member of the global Real Estate brokerage community.

BROKER ASSOCIATE • The backbone of the system and the face of RE/MAX in the market • He/she takes home the maximum major share of the profits and pays a nominal desk fee

BROKER OWNER: • Owns a Broker Office and incurs minimal operational cost • Recruits & Retains Broker Associates who form the sales team of the office • Charges desk fee from associates and also earns a substantial part of the commission • Earns profit on volumes: more the number of associates, more the profits

MASTER REGIONAL FRANCHISE: • RE/MAX has 37 regions in India • 22 are operational while 15 open for sale • A Regional Franchise owner also earns profits on volumes: more the number of Broker Offices and Broker Associates in his/her region, more the profits

LOOKING TO BUY/SELL A PROPERTY? BECOME A CUSTOMER If you are looking for a property in India, check it from Thousands of property listings on our website If you have a property to sell, you can get advised by our experienced brokers in your city. All you need to do is to search for a RE/MAX Agent near your locality from our website and contact him directly for your Real Estate needs.

RE/MAX – REAL ESTATE MAXIMUMS  Business with a difference. The unique RE/MAX organization structure is designed to make maximum profits reach those who deserve it the most. It is an inverted pyramid, in terms of money share, as opposed to a conventional pyramid of any business organization which essentially means that in a regular company 90% of the profits stay with the top brass whereas at RE/MAX it is exactly the opposite. Here, maximum income is retained at the Franchise-Broker level; only the balance 10% is passed on upwards in the hierarchy. It is the Broker Office and the agents working in it who will take home maximum commissions and profits.

* Type REMAX and send it to 53456 to join the India’s Largest Real Estate Brokerage Network.


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